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Layne’s Goal: South Boston Speedway Hornets Division Title

South Boston, VA……After a successful rookie season in 2019 in which he finished as the division runner-up, there is only one goal for Steven Layne – the 2020 South Boston Speedway Budweiser Hornets Division championship.

“That’s the only goal I have for this season,” the Nathalie, Virginia resident remarked.

“Last year I met and exceeded every goal I set – no DNFs, being competitive, and won four races. This year it (the goal) is simple – winning the championship.”

Layne’s stellar 2019 season saw him lead the Budweiser Hornets Division in wins with four, and he was on top in the division in total number of laps led. That level of success, he said, was a surprise.

“Surprised is probably an understatement,” Layne remarked with a smile when asked if he was surprised by his success last season.

“It was more than what I was expecting going into it. I came out with a car I had rebuilt and was competitive, winning four races. It was unbelievable for a first season.

“We came up just a little short of the championship at the end of the year,” he added.

“We didn’t miss it by much, but enough to come back with a full head of steam this year.”

Layne is returning for the 2020 season with a new car he built himself.

“I had wanted to build a car to start with, and the way things worked out (last year) I was able to find a car I could fix up to get a little experience with versus building a new one and making a rookie mistake and destroying it,” Layne explained.

“With the success I had last year, it gave me that much more confidence to build a new one to see if I could get better results with a straighter car.”

The project of building a new car took a lot of time.

“It was a lot more involved than I really thought was going to be involved with it,” Layne pointed out.

“I had a lot of help and information from some of the Pure Stock guys like Bruce Mayo and Randy Hupp. A lot of people have helped me out with information about things I needed to do to make sure I had the roll cage in right, and to make sure that safety-wise the car was built like it’s supposed to be built.”

Safety was a key component with the car.

“That car has right much more (roll) cage than the car I drove last year,” said Layne.

“I was in the finishing stages of doing the roll cage when Ryan Newman has his wreck at Daytona in the Daytona 500. Needless to say, I went back and added a couple more bars to it to make it stronger.”

Layne recently put the car on track at South Boston Speedway, and was pleased with the result.

“I’m at competitive speed with it right off the trailer, so I’m proud of it,” he said during a test session.

“The times are just a little bit slower than my old car was off of the trailer. As hot as the track is, I’m not but a couple of tenths of a second off. I’m happy with it.”

Another bright spot for Layne is his sponsors from last season are returning and he has two additional sponsors to join them for the 2020 season.

“I’m very appreciative of the help I am receiving from all of my sponsors, and I thank each of them for their support,” Layne said.

“We’re optimistic about the season. When we get going this season we will be in good shape.”

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