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Oakley Excited About New Car; Eyes Return To South Boston Speedway

South Boston, Va…..There was a look of purpose and seriousness on Josh Oakley’s face as he worked on his Late Model Stock Car during a recent test session at South Boston Speedway.

Underneath it all was a sense of excitement among Oakley and his teammates.

“It’s exciting because we built this chassis ourselves,” the Rougemont, North Carolina resident explained during a break between runs.

“When you build a car completely yourself it really changes the way you look at things and the way you go racing with it. I’m proud sitting here and doing laps in the car that I know I hand-built myself.”

Under national and state mandates resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic South Boston Speedway cannot yet open for racing. However, the speedway is open for teams to practice and test.

Drivers and teams wishing to test must contact the speedway office during office hours and schedule practice via telephone or e-mail at least a day in advance. Practice hours will be from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. and the pit area must be clear by 5 p.m.

For Oakley, the test session at the .4-mile oval was his first visit to South Boston Speedway in two years. It was also the first time on the track for the new Chevrolet Camaro. At the end of the day Oakley was pleased.

“This is probably the best we have ever unloaded here for a long time,” Oakley said with a smile.

“We know some things we need to do at the shop with regard to redoing a few things and things to change. We will definitely be better when we come back.”

One of the good things Oakley found out about his new car was that it was consistent.

“We have a real good, consistent racecar,” Oakley pointed out.

“We’re not really concerned about qualifying. We’re concerned about making the car consistent for race runs. We still have some speed we need to get out of it, but overall the car drives really well.

“The driver probably has a little speed left in him,” Oakley added.

“I haven’t been here in two years. That combined with a new car you have never been in, you’re probably not going to go out and get all of the speed right at the get-go. The speed will come if we can keep it driving well.”

The car was a project Oakley and his team started last fall and have continued to work on.

“We started on this car back in late October, and was building it strictly for South Boston,” Oakley said.

“Then this coronavirus pandemic came up in the middle of March, and that kind of sets you back. We have worked on the car almost every day since we started building it. We’ve been working so hard and we can’t go out and run the car. Finally, it seems like we’re seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully we will be racing here soon.”

Oakley said he would like to compete for the NASCAR Late Model Stock Car Division championship at South Boston Speedway, but is unsure if that will be possible at this point.

“I’d love to,” Oakley remarked, “but I can’t think about that as much as other people. My sponsorship deal is I have got people that will come up week-to-week and help me buy tires here and there.

“I know we will definitely make the first race,” he continued.

“If that goes well, I feel like we will keep coming back as long as we get decent runs and don’t tear stuff up and I can continue to get people to help me buy tires here and there to make it happen.”

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