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Lee Pulliam’s Childhood Dream Now An Amazing Success Story

SOUTH BOSTON, Va. (Sept. 24, 2015) – The road to Lee Pulliam’s three national championships didn’t begin on the track or in the pits, but on the other side of the fence as a dreamy-eyed little boy in the grandstands on Saturday nights at South Boston Speedway.

“As a kid growing up you always want to be something, you want to be a firefighter, you want to be a policeman, you want to be a race car driver, whatever you have aspirations to do,” Pulliam said Wednesday after getting the official notice he had won a third NASCAR Whelen All-American Series national championship.

“Since I was a little kid, we went to South Boston Speedway every Saturday night,” Pulliam said. “Those guys were heroes to me. They were just as special as the guys running on Sundays so it’s an honor to be listed as one of the top ones in a Late Model Stock Car.”

In 2015 Pulliam continued to put up amazing numbers for the fifth straight season. He won 10 times at South Boston this year and overall had 29 victories in 51 starts. For the season he totaled 46 top fives and 48 top 10s while racing at seven different tracks in four states.

Over the last five years Pulliam has won 120 races in 210 starts.

Pretty amazing stuff for a guy who has been racing for less than 10 years and did not sit in a race car until he was 18 years old.

As a teenager he was driven to achieve his dream of becoming a racer. His mom and dad bought into his passion and allowed him to graduate high school a semester early so he could get a head start on chasing that dream. With basically zero budget, the family worked and scraped and saved and after a year had enough money to put a car together. On the final night of the 2006 season, 18-year-old Pulliam made his first start in the Limited Division at South Boston.

“It was a struggle,” Pulliam remembers of that first race. “I had never sat in a race car until the day before that race.”

Over the next winter he and his family and friends that helped out put “a lot of emphasis and thought” into that car. The next spring they were good right out of the gate and got better. He won a race and was the division’s rookie of the year.

The following year, 2008, folks began to take notice of the youngster. “We were the dominant (limited) car and won the championship,” Pulliam said.

He made his Late Model Stock debut at South Boston in 2009, and three years later 2012, he won the first of three NWAAS national championships.

Along the way not only has Pulliam become one of the nation’s top weekly racers, he’s also become perhaps the best wrench man in the business. No one knows more about what makes a car go fast than Pulliam. It hasn’t always been that way though.

“When I first started I didn’t have a clue. None of us (family and friends) had ever worked on a race car. I got a lot of help from H.C. Sellers (Sellers Racing). He played a pretty big role in helping me learn about these cars,” said Pulliam, who now builds and prepares cars for other drivers in addition to his own.

Pulliam admits it’s going to be hard to top this season and the three championships. “It gets harder every year,” he said.

But one thing is for certain, as he plots his future, he won’t forget his past.

“South Boston Speedway is the only reason I got the opportunity to do what I do. We went to other tracks when I was a kid, but this is where it all started, it is the main part,” said Pulliam. “And so many people from the South Boston area helped so much. I would have never made it without the help of so many people. I was just a young kid knocking on businesses doors, but they saw how bad I wanted it.”

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