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Pocono Increases Management Team
Brandon Igdalsky and Nicholas Igdalsky Named Vice Presidents

POCONO, PA (March 3, 2006) – Pocono Raceway Inc. today announced additions to it's management team, effective immediately, that will allow Pocono Raceway Inc. to continue its strong growth history and plan more efficiently for future endeavors.

"I have elevated Brandon Igdalsky and Nicholas Igdalsky to the positions of Vice President to better utilize their talent and experience that they have gained by being involved in all aspects of our business for more than 14 years," stated Pocono Raceway Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Joseph Mattioli. "Brandon and Nicholas were the first of the third generation of our family to become involved with Pocono Raceway and I am happy to elevate them to their new positions," stated Dr. Mattioli.

"Brandon Igdalsky will be responsible for all aspects of the operation of the award winning Blakeslee Inn and Restaurant, located in Blakeslee, PA. Nicholas Igdalsky will be responsible for overseeing our auto racing facility in South Boston, VA., along with the Mattioli Foundation diversity program with the South Boston, VA. School District," added Dr. Mattioli.

Brandon and Nicholas will join second generation family members and Pocono Raceway Inc. Directors: Marilouise McNally, Joseph Mattioli III and Michele Mattioli Kulick, in playing an integral part in the future of Pocono Raceway Inc.

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